Our Ethos is.. simple, every design should be thoroughly thought out to cover the requirements of the customer, whether that might be how the product needs to be manufactured or in the design & marketing.   It should be Assured (A), that the Product (P), is the right Solutions (S) for what it is intended for benefit of the design & improve the usability of any & all products developed with or on behalf of our customers & clients.

Products in Development..

Fenestration product in development...

We believe that we have an Innovated product that will improve on what is currently available today...

Giving both the distributors and fabricators a product that requires less stock to be held and less likely to have shortages..

This will achieve the highest of standards possible in Security and will be tested to PAS 24, Secure by Design (SBD) and also  the British Board of Approval (BBA)..

Future Developments..

Given the requirments by our Clients..

It is with pleasure that we are working on other products within the Fenestration area..

Contact Details

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London WC1N 3AX.


Email: info@aps.direct

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+44 (0) 3333 44 3131  (Sales)

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